We love our region and nature around Achenkirch and Lake Achen. That’s why, wherever possible, we strive to preserve natural resources.

“Resource-conserving use of food and groceries was something we paid great attention to already in the 1990s in my apprentice workplace.”

- Alexander Gründler, Chef de Cuisine -
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Solar system for water heating

Green-minded in Gourmet Hotel Alpin - since 2007 we have been generating the heat for our hot water with our own solar system.

District heating connection

The Gourmet Hotel Alpin has been connected to the bioenergy district heating since 2012. This saves us 30,000 litres of heating oil annually!

Motion sensors and LED lighting

The entire hotel has been refitted with energy-saving LED lighting. We also use motion sensors where ever these are possible and useful.

Glass bottles and no plastic

We use almost only glass bottles and, wherever possible, do without plastic.

E-charging station

For our hotel and à la carte guests we have been offering an on-site e-charging station since 2021. This allows environmentally minded drivers to conveniently recharge their car during their stay.

Waste separation

In the Gourmet Hotel Alpin we pay attention to carefully separating waste/recycling and thus also make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.


wellwasser® - the water-processing unit for regionality, environmental protection and sustainability. With the physical filter system and the carbonator, the tap water is turned into fresh wellwasser® – served still or sparkling in glass carafes. This saves us an average of 9,000 bottles, or 7 tonnes of returned empties per year. A smart solution for the gastronomy and for the Gourmet Hotel Alpin.

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